My Wildlife Images
Photographer Leslie Cater
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My Wildlife Images

Photography one of my passions in life, but lately a big part of what I do. I spend a great deal of time out with my camera, I have found so much pleasure just being in and part of natures wonders that are around us all. I have always loved being outside as a child and even now in my later years I get as much joy now as I did then.

Photography and Birds


Rare Bird Photography.  The relationship with and understanding the photographing of rare birds and their needs. This blog is about what makes us want to photograph special, rare, or any birds, wildlife and the reasons behind that idea.  I was in a conversation with members of a wildlife trust and a discussion arose about photog...

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A Winter Coastline


Birds in a storm  After a long break from going to the coastal reserve Minsmere, I decided it was time to grab my camera bag, tripod and camera and visit the site. This particular day in January this year there were high winds and a forecast of a storm surge along the coast. I got to the reserve just before high tide and went for a w...

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Waxwings Winter Migration


 Waxwings  Waxwings Squabbling over rich red rowan berries. At the beginning of autumn we expect to see birds migrating in from Europe, hopefully this particular bird the Waxwing. They come down from Scandinavia through Europe feeding on tree's and bushes laden with berries.  When the crop of berries is poor they will move ...

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Owls the mythical creature


Owls in history.  I have wondered why do I like owls so much, I suppose it stems from my childhood days if i think about it. As a wildlife photographer I have photographed owls, and I am always very pleased to have seen one, but what makes the Owl special to me personally I could not explain. I decided t...

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  My Little Stonechat Friend The Stonechat. These lovely little characters are an excellent bird for observing and photographing. They are a brilliant little bird to look for because where ever they are, you will find them perched on top of little trees, bushes, gorse, brambles or heather on heath lands or coastal areas. They are such colourfu...

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The Beautiful Kingfisher


Magical world of the Kingfisher  I had the pleasure of spending nearly three months with a female kingfisher After a friend explained to me that he had seen a kingfisher near a sluice on the river estuary. I decided to make my way there and sat on the grass bank of the river for a while looking for the kingfisher. After about an hour I heard t...

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Spotted Flycatcher Adventure


A week to remember  This blog is about my unexpected encounter with the Spotted flycatcher. We were asked to house sit for a friend who was going on a much needed holiday, as they never get the chance to go away. We arrived at the house and settled in for the week, next morning I got up and looked out of the window and saw a small bird sitting...

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Dartford Warblers


Heathland Birds  One of my favourite little birds,The Dartford Warbler I have spent nearly four years taking photos of this species and it is one of the most difficult birds to photograph. They are very flighty and move about in the heather and the under growth only to pop up to see where they are and then back down again out of sight. The bes...

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RSPB Minsmere nature reserve

bird Marsh Harrier.

Birds on my local nature reserve Minsmere wildlife and nature reserve is my favourite place to visit throughout the year. The reserve has many different habitats to offer which are full of wildlife, many of which you dont see unless you look carefully. The bird population is excellent with many waders in the winter, small birds like the bearded tit...

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Mull Wildlife Trip 2018

Mull Wrecks. Mull Wrecks.

After a three year wait we returned to Mull  for our wildlife trip.The expectations were high and the weather was indifferent, but this did not stop us enjoying the time spent here, but as a friend put it to us mull is a moving picture of nature that is for ever changing and those changes are, the movement of clouds, tree's and water being blo...

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